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Our classes leave nothing to be desired.


Programmes Available: 2
Call Of The Canine is committed to providing cutting edge service to our clients. Therefore, we have revised the format of our Puppy Programmes: Start ‘Em Right and Teenage Transition. Each program...

Life Skills

Programmes Available: 4
These programmes for dogs of all ages is designed to start with the basics, gradually working up to level 4, where you are working without a leash. Progression to the next level depends on suc...

Street Smarts

Programmes Available: 2
When you've learned the basics in a class setting, these programmes transition those lesson outside where there are lots of distractions. Learn how to become Street Smart with your dog. Each progr...

Behaviour Classes

Programmes Available: 3
We could all use a little more confidence at times. Dogs lacking confidence in situations can lead to some unpredictable and unwanted behaviour. If you and your dog could use a little help we have ...

Canine Workshops

Programmes Available: 5
Workshops that help to address some of the most frequent relationship issues between us and our dogs.

Private Training

Programmes Available: 2