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CCGC Prep Class

The Canadian Canine Good Citizenship programme teaches the skills that have been designated as a basic requirement for accreditation as a well-mannered dog who can interact appropriately in a variety of typical social situations. It is also required for entry into a Service Dog or Therapy Dog training programme.

Training skills acquired are:

  • Remain sitting and allowing petting or handling by a stranger.
  • Remain sitting and ignore another dog while talking with its owner.
  • Walking through a group of people without jumping or sniffing.
  • Remaining calm when left with a stranger while owner is out of sight.

Accreditation is determined through evaluation by the Responsible Dog Owners of Canada. This course is extremely useful regardless of whether or not you decide to take the accreditation by The Responsible Dog Owners of Canada.

Prerequisite successful completion of Life Skills 3 or equivalent.

Class Information

Cost: $179 + HST
Max. Class Size: 6
Total Sessions: 6 Weeks
Recommended Age: 20 weeks +
Location: Call of the Canine

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