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Life Skills

This programme is designed to start with the basics, gradually working up to level 4, where you are working without a leash.

Each level runs 6 weeks.

Level 1

$179 +HST

The programme will provide a reliable response to basic obedience cues and life skills that enable appropriate social interaction with humans and other dogs.

The first class is a lecture for owners and handlers only.

  • Foundation exercises to improve focus for better learning include voluntary ‘check in’ and body awareness.
  • Body Position Cues: Sit, Down and Stand
  • Reliable Recall
  • Enjoyable Leash Walking

Level 2

$169 +HST

The skills mastered in Life Skills 1 provide the foundation for appropriate meeting and greeting behaviours with other dogs and people. Cues for new Body Positions and a quick response to move away from an object or place will be taught. Your dog will strengthen its ability to keep attention and focus in a more difficult or active environment. Effective and humane techniques will continue to enhance your relationship with your dog.

Pre-requisite - successful completion of Life Skills Level 1

Level 3

$169 +HST

This class ups the ante for advanced skills in leash walking, duration of Sit, Down and Stand and ignoring attractions in the environment. A prompt response to a Recall in a variety of life situations is central to this level of training. Yes, your dog will be able to successfully run past and ignore a cheeseburger 😇. We also introduce off-leash walking in this level.

Pre-requisite - successful completion of Life Skills 2 or equivalent

Level 4

$169 +HST

This class is conducted completely off-leash. Dogs will be required to ignore and continue to work in proximity to a wide variety of difficult distractions.

Training Exercises will include:

  • Precision walking on both the left and right side
  • Correct response to cues from a distance
  • Individual and Group routines to increase difficulty

Pre-requisite: successful completion of Life Skills 3 or equivalent

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