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Just for fun

You've mastered the basics, you and your dog are social butterflies, and now you're looking for that next class to spice things up.

We've got just the thing for you...

(Class enrollment limited to 4 dogs for now)

Intro to Agility

$179 +HST

Pre-requisite: dogs must be a minimum of 5 months of age.
[6 weeks]

Take delight in this fun-filled programme and watch your dog’s confidence build as their success and accomplishments grow. A great way to enhance your dog’s natural ability to run and manoeuvre through a variety of obstacles.

Rally 'O'Bedience

$179 +HST each

Novice (Beginner) and Advanced

Rally Obedience (RallyO) is intended to promote positive relationships between dogs and owners based on trust and respect. RallyO encourages participation of ALL dogs purebred or mixed breed, pets or titled champions as well as physically-challenged dogs and/or handlers. Encompasses and enhances all the required skills of Competitive Obedience in a fun and flexible way. Teaches you and your dog to work as a team to perform combination tasks with speed and focus. The doggy equivalent of NasCar 🚗 .

[6 weeks each]


$179 +HST

The Canadian Canine Good Citizenship programme teaches the skills that have been designated as a basic requirement for accreditation as a well-mannered dog who can interact appropriately in a variety of typical social situations. It is also required for entry into a Service Dog or Therapy Dog training programme.
Training skills acquired are:
Remain sitting and allowing petting or handling by a stranger.
Remain sitting and ignore another dog while talking with its owner.
Walking through a group of people without jumping or sniffing
Remaining calm when left with a stranger while owner is out of sight.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Life Skills 3 or equivalent.
[6 weeks]

Accreditation is determined through evaluation by the Responsible Dog Owners of Canada.
This course is extremely useful regardless of whether or not you decide to take the accreditation by The Responsible Dog Owners of Canada.

Come Dance

$179 +HST

A wise person once said “If all else fails, put on the music and dance with your dog!” We’ll teach you how! It’s not only fun for both of you, it increases your dog’s confidence and ability to manoeuvre in close proximity to other people or dogs. Choose your own music and go viral on You Tube with your own creative performance.

Training Exercises:

Play Bow; Circle Left and Right;
Leg Weaves to enhance your dog’s flexibility
Learn to walk Backwards and Sideways.
Individual and group routines increase focus and tolerance to distractions.

Pre-requisite: successful completion of Life Skills 2 or equivalent
[6 weeks]

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