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Canine Workshops

Workshops that help to address some of the most frequent relationship issues between us and our dogs.

Each programme runs 2 weeks.

Walk Time

$129 +HST
Want precision walking in a variety of situations? This class provides for intensive training and practice time to ensure that your daily walks with your dog are enjoyable and stress free. No more frustration or daily application of muscle liniment to shoulders and elbows.

Come, Yes you

$129 +HST
Tired of waiting for your canine companion to return from play or a walkabout? This is the class for you. Your dog will be attentive and responsive to you. They will return promptly and reliably in typical situations in their environment.

Please don't leave me

$129 +HST
Often our dogs are unable to adjust to time alone without company. This programme helps you understand the genetic and behavioural components that trigger and strengthen this behaviour. You receive an effective protocol and practice to retrain the behaviour and minimize the stress experienced by you and your dog when you leave the house.

Need Earplugs?

$129 +HST
Dogs bark for many reasons. This programme teaches you to understand the “WHY”: genetics, habit; fear; boredom; attention etc. and how to effectively interrupt or redirect the dog to an appropriate alternative. The small class size allows extensive practice to ensure reliable results.

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